Fitness Awards 2024: Top 32 Products To Support Your Fitness Goals

Omala's innovative block and bands set is designed to inspire exploration and add a new dimension to yoga and movement practices. We are proud recipients of’s esteemed 2024 Fitness Award, a testament to our dedication to enhancing well-being through our products.

In their article, highlights the undeniable health benefits of exercise while acknowledging the challenges of staying motivated. Despite this, focusing on personal priorities can help maintain momentum.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels, founder of The Fitness App, emphasizes the importance of long-term wellness and staying active for future generations. She advocates for consistency in workouts, acknowledging that any exercise is beneficial and complements other healthy habits like sleep and nutrition.

With these insights in mind, curated a selection of accessible and user-friendly products, guided by input from top experts. These items have been carefully chosen as winners of Health’s 2024 Fitness Awards.

The selection process involved assembling a panel of professionals, including podiatrists, fitness experts, and athletes, who provided valuable insights based on their expertise and experiences. Extensive research, editor testing, and fact-checking were conducted to ensure that our products enhance your health and wellness journey.

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