The Strategist: The 11 Very Best Yoga Mats For every type of yoga enthusiast.


The Omala Aurora Color-Changing Mat has been featured in The Strategist's list of "The 11 Very Best Yoga Mats For Every Type of Yoga Enthusiast" as the Best Yoga Mat for Form.

Here’s what they had to say:

"If you’re looking for a little more help with your form, consider this plush mat from Omala, which changes color. Former senior editor Chelsea Peng has been using it for the past two months and says, 'it’s truly such a helpful tool if you’re practicing yoga at home by yourself because the mat is a visual alignment guide.' The Omala changes color based on heat and pressure, so 'you can leave foot and handprints and see how well they line up when you change poses,' she says. Peng doesn’t have a mirror in her yoga space, so she found the color-changing feature more helpful to her than just relying on feel."

To learn more about why the Omala Aurora Color-Changing Mat is a top pick, read the full article on The Strategist.