About Omala

Beautifully designed tools to support your wellness.

We set out to create Omala to make products that were interactive, transformative and unique. We are committed to making beautifully designed tools to support your wellness practices and enhance your life.

Thrive to be.

Our products were designed by Dr. Scott Lyons, renowned clinical psychologist, osteopath, Mind-Body Medicine practitioner and founder of The Embody Lab. Using insights gathered from working with thousands of patients over two decades, Dr. Scott created each Omala product, as a tool for transformation. Omala was born from his passion to create, support and inspire.

Dr. Scott recognized whether we’re dealing with life's challenges or simply wanting to continue to feel good and be more alive in body and spirit – that having a place to go to, resources that comfort and strengthen us, and mindful ways of moving our body and directing our attention – ultimately leads us to a sense of thriving.